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Gravity Diverter Valve

The Meyer Diverter Valve offers an effective method for directing product flow from a single source to multiple destinations. Ideal for batch systems. Can also be used as a two-into-one gathering hopper.

Designed to handle the gravity feed of dry powders, pellets, granules, or any other free-flowing product. The valve is dust-tight from inside to outside. Flap-gate minimizes leakage between system legs. Contact factory representatives for pressure and temperature limitations.

Rugged overall construction ensures dependable service

Standard construction is heavy gauge mild steel. Also available in stainless, aluminum, and abrasion-resistant steel.

Can be operated manually or automatically with air or electric actuators. Optional limit switches indicate which leg is open to product flow.

The air actuator includes a cylinder, a 4-way double solenoid valve, an air filter/regulator/lubricator, and a flow control valve.

All controls are factory mounted and calibrated. Standard flanges in sizes 4″ through 24″ match the pattern of square design Meyer Rotary Airlock Feeders and other Meyer system components. Square to round

  • Manual, air, or electric actuator operation
  • Air filter, regulator, lubricator, and flow control valve
  • Optional limit switches
  • Mild steel construction standard, stainless, aluminum, and abrasion-resistant steel are also available
  • Controls are factory mounted and calibrated

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