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Heavy Duty Drop Thru Rotary Valve (HDX)View e-Drawing
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A-Series MPFTA Model w/Electro-Mechanical OperatorView e-Drawing
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Flap Gate Valve A-SERIES Manual and Safety Supplement (Eff. 4/1/2020)Download
Flap Gate Valve C-SERIES and F-SERIES Manual and Safety Supplement (Eff. 6/1/2020)Download
Gravity Diverter Manual and Safety Supplement (Eff. 5/1/2019)Download
Klean-In-Place II Manual and Safety Supplement (Eff. 2/1/2020)Download
Kwik-Klean Manual and Safety Supplement (Eff. 8/1/19)Download
Rotary Airlock Feeders Manual and Safety Supplement (Eff. 8/1/2019)Download
Screw Pump Manual and Safety Supplement (Eff. 10/1/2022)Download
Slide Gate Manual and Safety Supplement (Eff. 12/1/2018)Download