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Heavy Duty Abrasion-Resistant

The HDAR Heavy Duty Abrasion-Resistant Drop-Thru rotary airlock valves are designed for severe applications where highly abrasive conditions exist. Offered in a choice of ceramic lined or DuraKast™, both can significantly improve the wear factor on the valve and reduce the pre-mature equipment failure often associated with such applications.

The ceramic version starts with any of our Heavy-Duty rotary airlock valves. We bond ceramic tiles to the inside of the cast iron housing and on the rotor tips. The DuraKast units are completely cast out of a hard chrome material suitable for applications with higher pressure differentials. The DuraKast units also have Stellite™ on the rotor tips for extended abrasion resistance. Both styles offer extended life over that of a standard cast iron rotary valve by as much as 6 times.

Pressure Rating: 22 PSI
Maximum Operating Temperature: 250°F
Materials: Dry Free-Flowing Extremely Abrasive Particles
Pneumatic Conveying, Blending, Dust Collection, Drying, Pollution Control, Weighing, Mixing, Feeding
Mining – Sand, Alumina, Copper
Power – Fly Ash, Coal
Cement – Kiln Dust, Raw and Finished
Asphalt – Limestone, Granite
Steel – Oxides, Grinding Dust, Sinter

  • Precision-Cut ceramic tiles bonded in place minimizing gap exposure
  • Closed-End rotor designs with ceramic tiled end disc perimeter and tungsten carbide tips for prolonged wear resistance
  • HVOF spray-on packing area for extended shaft life
  • Ceramic can be re-ground for additional life


  • Oversized housing thickness designed to be re-ground for many years of service
  • Pre-Cast flange holes allow for easy field installation on new or replacement units
  • Closed-End rotor with welded hard-faced stellite tips for maximum wear resistance
  • End plates are hard chrome lined with an optional purging feature
  • Higher pressure differentials for highly abrasive applications 650 Bhn high chrome wear resistant casting for maximum life

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