Asphalt manufacturing requires the use of high temperatures and many abrasive materials that can cause excessive wear and tear on machinery and equipment. Asphalt bulk material processing is also an asset-intensive industry, making any unplanned downtime extremely costly and disruptive.

You need rugged asphalt handling equipment that can stand up to the rigors of the process, but you need precision performance as well as reliability. Poorly performing products cost your company time and money. That’s why so many companies turn to Meyer Industrial for the best in valves, rotary airlocks, and blowers.

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Meyer Industrial Products Used in Asphalt Bulk Material Processing

Meyer Industrial offers a complete range of bulk material processing equipment for asphalt. These examples of asphalt processing equipment help move materials throughout the production process, ensuring they remain fast, efficient, and safe. Our offerings are engineered and constructed to withstand some of the most demanding conditions, especially where extreme heat and the abrasive nature of the materials are concerned. These components are made to provide the highest levels of performance and durability under virtually any situation.

Our customers in the asphalt industry know they can count on us to deliver solutions that are made specifically to address their needs in the most comprehensive manner. No other company serving this segment of the marketplace has as much under one roof as we do. Read on to learn more about what we have to offer.


Rotary Airlock Feeders

Rotary airlock feeders minimize air loss during the transfer of materials between vessels with different pressures. They can also be used to regulate or meter material transfers between vessels with equivalent pressures.


Double Flap Gate Valves

Double flap gate valves operate reliably in the harshest of conditions, including pressure differentials of up to 5 PSI and temperatures up to 1,650˚F. They also perform reliably with abrasive, or irregularly shaped, or oversized materials.


Screw Pumps

Low-profile screw pumps operate reliably in temperatures up to 450°F and in pressure ranging up to 15 PSI. The unique design and quality engineering eliminate blowback and prolong asphalt bulk processing equipment life.


Slide Gates

Slide gates handle gravity batch unloading for free-flowing dry materials, helping to isolate airlock feeders from hoppers when maintenance is necessary.


Gravity Diverters

Gravity diverters move free-flowing materials from a single source into multiple destinations to keep your production lines operating continuously.


Blower Packages

Blower packages are used in pneumatic conveying and dust collection on your asphalt process.


Plug Valves

Plug valves are rugged enough to stand up to the abrasive materials used in asphalt production and engineered to precisely control the flow of even fine powders or fluids during asphalt bulk material loadout.