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UDV Universal Duty Valve

Ideal for Pollution Control Across Many Industries

The UDV Universal Duty Valve is designed for economical and reliable material metering and airlock service.

Ideal for pollution control applications in the following industries:

The UDV valve works beneath dust collectors and cyclone separators where temperatures do not exceed 350°F and pressure differentials are less than 7 PSI.

The UDV valves are available with:

  • Square or round flanges
  • They feature rugged castings and larger shaft diameters than the competition

Pressure Rating: 7 PSIG
Maximum Operating Temperature: 350°F
Materials: Dry Free Flowing Mildly Abrasive
Dust Collection, Metering, Cyclone, Low Pressure, Separator, Conveying Systems

  • Available in five sizes from 6 through 14
  • Round or square flange assures system compatibility
    8-Vane open-end rotor
  • Full flow throat design permits maximum flow to rotor pocket
  • Oversize shaft diameters reduce deflection for maximum torque
  • Rugged cast iron construction or stainless steel provides maximum structural stability
  • Outboard sealed bearings never need lubrication
    Application-specific options including speed switches, motors, drives, and accessories
  • Externally replaceable packing with split compression design

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