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Knife Gate Valves

The Meyer Knife Gate Valve is a lug-type valve that functions in one direction, specifically engineered for industrial service purposes. The valve body and seat design ensures obstruction-free shut-off for suspended solids in various industries, including but not limited to pulp and paper, power plants, mining, chemical plants, food and beverage, and wastewater treatment plants.

The valve features a one-piece cast body made of stainless steel / carbon steel with reinforced ribs in larger diameters to ensure extra body strength. Its internal cast gate wedges and guides allow for tighter shutoff. Additionally, the valve’s internal design prevents any accumulation of solids that could hinder its ability to close.

The gate is made of high-quality AISI 316 stainless steel/carbon steel. It has been polished and lapped to ensure a strong seal between the gate, packing, and seat. Additionally, the bottom edge of the gate has been machined to bevel, allowing for a tighter seal when closed.

The valve body is equipped with a special seat design that mechanically locks the seal using a stainless steel retainer ring. The standard seal material is EPDM, but other options such as Viton and PTFE are also available.

Our packing solution offers long-lasting durability with multiple layers of PTFE-impregnated fiber and an EPDM O-ring. The packing gland is easily accessible, ensuring a secure seal. We offer a variety of materials for our braided packing, all designed for extended use.

The stainless steel stem provided is a standard option that lasts long and is resistant to corrosion. This stem protector is designed to offer additional protection against dust for rising stem actuators only when the valve is open.

The available actuators (manual, electric, pneumatic, or hydraulic) are interchangeable and come with a standard mounting kit, making them easy to install on-site.

The typical material used for construction is stainless steel, though carbon steel coated with EPOXY can be provided upon request. The compact design ensures exceptional durability, even in harsh environments.

The valve bodies and components are coated with epoxy using an electrostatic application process. This ensures that the valves are corrosion-resistant and have a high-quality finish.

The automated valves come equipped with gate guards that comply with EU Safety Standards. This design feature ensures that no objects get caught accidentally while the gate is in motion.

Pressure Rating up to 15 PSI
Maximum Operating Temperature: 500°F
Including but not limited to: Pulp and Paper, Power Plants, Mining, Food and Beverages, Chemical Plants, and Wastewater Treatment Plants

  • Typical sizes: 2″ to 36″ (DN 50 or DN 900)
  • Round flange assures system compatibility
  • AISI 316 Stainless steel/carbon steel construction
  • Available with multiple packing and seal designs
  • Available with manual, electric, pneumatic, or hydraulic actuators

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