Paper is one of mankind’s oldest products. Even though the end result has been a fixture of civilization from its earliest days, the industry that produces it has been refined over the centuries into one that features highly sophisticated techniques and equipment. Manufacturers not only must live up to the high standards of modern consumers, but also must adhere to rigorous regulations, including environmental and public health standards. When it comes to providing bulk material handling equipment that satisfies these requirements, no company serves the paper manufacturing sector better than Meyer Industrial. We supply a wide range of paper processing equipment aimed at improving the efficiency and effectiveness of various papermaking processes. Our ability to help speed up these processes through the efficiency of our solutions makes us one of the industry’s most comprehensive pulp and paper equipment manufacturers.

Products We Offer

What sets us apart from other paper machine manufacturers is the depth of service and experience we can deliver for your production facility. We have the most comprehensive array of components used for moving and processing bulk materials throughout your entire manufacturing process, including:

  • Rotary airlock valves — Our rotary airlock for paper bulk material processing ensures that wood pulp and other materials are transferred between vessels with as little pressure loss as possible. Our valves also help enable a complete dust removal system for paper plants.
  • Slide gates — The use of a slide gate for paper manufacturing helps control the unloading of gravity batch feeders, making it ideal for conveying dry materials.
  • Gravity diverters — Its effectiveness at moving powders, granules, or other free-flowing materials makes a gravity diverter for paper production a natural choice.
  • Blower packages — Our designs enable the most effective pneumatic conveying for paper facilities.

Going Above and Beyond

Along with our extensive lineup of components for use in mills, we keep the paper industry working with expert repair services for all types of paper bulk processing equipment. We have some of the most experienced and skilled technicians in the business serving our customers. Because of this, we can ensure that your vital machines stay online for as long as possible, boosting productivity. This adds another dimension to what we bring to the table. With our combination of highest-quality parts and knowledgeable maintenance capabilities, we stand as a leader in the marketplace. We’re your one-stop shop for virtually everything related to the paper industry’s handling and processing requirements.

To learn more about what our paper manufacturing equipment and expertise can do for you and your facilities, take a look at our product line or get in touch with us today. One of our representatives will be happy to assist you.