As a recognized leader in high-quality components for bulk material processing equipment, Meyer Industrial is proud to provide the power behind crucial processes in a variety of industries. Our products can be found working in sectors ranging from aggregates to agriculture, from plastics to pharmaceuticals. No other manufacturer offers such a complete range of system components for air processing and bulk material handling systems under one roof.

Part of why our products are in such demand across multiple trades is because of their versatility. They can serve a variety of purposes in diverse applications to help businesses perform vital operations quickly, easily, and efficiently.

Here is a brief sampling of just some of the many applications in which one may find our components.

Dust Collection

This is crucial for situations in which what is being processed is dry and abrasive. Parts such as our DDV Dust Duty Valve airlock feeder prevent particulate byproducts of the handling process from contaminating products or sensitive equipment. Other products in this category include our UDV Universal Duty Valve, the HDX Heavy Duty Extra-Tough Drop-Thru rotary airlock valve, the Kwik-Klean® valve and Klean-In-Place II  valve

Pneumatic Conveying

Processes that involve moving materials through air pressure can benefit from high-quality parts such as our Kwik-Klean® rotary airlock. Designed for fast and simple disassembly and re-assembly, these allow for quick inspection, cleanup, and maintenance without taking them out of service. We also offer our Klean-in-Place II , HDX Heavy Duty Extra-Tough Drop-Thru, HDBT Heavy Duty Blow-Thru and HDSE Heavy Duty Side Entry Drop-Thru valves for this purpose.

Pollution Control

Our HDX Heavy Duty Extra-Tough Drop-Thru valves are designed to withstand extremely high temperatures and pressure differentials of up to 22 psi. With the heaviest-gauge rotor vane stock of any competing product and pre-lubricated oversized bearings, these products ensure low-maintenance requirements and an extended life span.

Volumetric Feeding

Our Kwik-Klean® valves are extremely useful in volumetric feeding applications because they can be serviced without lengthy downtime. The entire interior housing is easily accessible by removing the headplate and rotor, and putting it back together takes only minutes. The Klean-In-Place II and HDX Heavy Duty Extra-Tough Drop-Thru products also offer superior performance in this regard.

Process Metering

Our DDV Dust Duty Valves are uniquely suited for low-pressure applications where a quality air seal is required in light-duty, non-abrasive dust collection situations. This makes them ideal for use in process metering.


The Klean-In-Place II and Kwik-Klean® rotary airlock valves offer value in mixing operations because they require no tools to remove the headplate. This means it is easy to clean frequently without a lot of downtime. Our HDX Heavy Duty Extra-Tough Drop-Thru valve also sees a lot of use in this type of process.


Many blending operations make frequent use of our Kwik-Klean® and Klean-In-Place II valves as well as the HDX Heavy Duty Extra-Tough Drop-Thru product.


We provide a number of items for use in the drying process, all featuring the same engineering expertise that makes our entire inventory durable and efficient. For example, the HDX Heavy Duty Extra-Tough Drop-Thru, Kwik-Klean® and Klean-In-Place II valves provide exceptional performance in these applications.

Railcar Unloading

Unloading aggregates and other material from railcars requires dependable, reliable solutions such as our HSDE Heavy Duty Side Entry Drop-Thru rotary airlock valve. Its V-shaped product inlet reduces shearing and virtually eliminates product degradation.

No matter what you need, there’s a good chance we have the parts that can help keep your operations flowing smoothly and profitably. Browse our site for more information about our inventory. Once you’re ready, contact us to get started on putting our expertise to work for you in your facility.