Aggregate bulk material processing includes sharp, dusty or abrasive materials. Those materials can cause the valves, pumps and feeders on your processing equipment to break down quickly. When it comes to your aggregate bulk material processing equipment, any unplanned downtime is a direct hit to profitability and your ability to meet customer commitments.

Lost time can’t be regained, so it makes sense to use the best equipment for the job to improve both performance and reliability. That’s why so many companies turn to Meyer Industrial for the best in valves, pumps and blowers for aggregate bulk material processing.

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Meyer Industrial Products Used in Aggregate Bulk Material Processing

Meyer Industrial offers a complete range of products for aggregate bulk material processing, including:

Rotary Airlock Feeders

For over 50 years, our rotary airlock feeders have been the top choice for transferring materials between vessels with different pressures or to meter material transfers between equivalent pressure vessels. They are known for reliability and longevity in aggregate bulk material processing.

Flap Gate Valves

Designed for use in dust collector, precipitator and other applications, flap gate valves can replace rotary airlocks that experience excessive wear. The MPFTA version adheres to “industry standard” flange patterns and operates effectively with differentials up to 7 psi, depending on the model chosen.

Screw Pumps

Screw pumps work in applications where other dilute phase feeders fail due to excessive wear or fine material dust, reducing downtime and costs.

Slide Gates

Slide gates provide interim flow in both powder or bulk handling, and they are dust-tight when installed.

Gravity Diverters

Gravity diverter valves effectively direct product flow from a single source to multiple destinations and can stand up to the rigors of aggregate bulk processing, including pellets, granules or other materials. Controls are factory mounted and calibrated for optimum performance.

Blower Packages

Blower packages are suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications, and have a modular base with discharge silencer and OSHA V-Belt drive guards.