Industrial facilities that process corrosive, flammable, toxic, or other dangerous bulk substances must be highly controlled environments where these materials are always handled appropriately. Process metering is a reliable means of ensuring that this occurs. Through the use of sophisticated liquid metering systems and other high-quality components from Meyer Industrial, manufacturers, and processors can get the control they require to handle hazardous materials safely and efficiently. Our selection of rotary valves is ideally suited for use in flow metering applications such as those found in a range of industries.

Liquid metering and other forms of highly controlled bulk material handling are essential to safe processing in chemical, mining, plastics, and cement production. The pumps and other parts used in this process must be capable of withstanding extreme pressures and performing reliably in every situation. Their design allows them to meter precise amounts of granular or fluid ingredients to reduce the risk of combustion, corrosion, or contamination.

Our product line features a number of solutions for addressing this key element of many bulk-handling strategies. Regardless of the application, you can count on our equipment to provide the highest levels of durability, performance, and efficiency. Whatever the situation requires, our products can meet and exceed your expectations for ease of use, quality, and strength.

 What We Can Do for You 

Our inventory features numerous rotary valves that can offer significant improvements in industrial metering. In each case, they provide superior functionality and bring real value to operations. Our product offerings include:

  • HDX Heavy-Duty Extra-Tough valves — Their durability and ability to withstand severe pressures make these valves the ideal fit for industrial metering They feature the heaviest-gauge rotor vane in the industry. Additionally, the valves’ outboard-mounted oversized bearings are permanently sealed, ensuring the longest possible lifespan.
  • Universal Duty valves — Available with square or round flanges, the UDV Universal Duty Valve can fit into countless configurations where metering is required. The valve’s rugged castings and larger-than-average shaft diameters give it enhanced durability.
  • Kwik-Klean®/Klean-In-Place® valves — These are designed for quick and easy disassembly and reassembly. This makes them easy to inspect, clean and maintain without removing them from service. Their headplates and rotors can be removed and reinstalled in a matter of minutes.

Put Your Faith in Us

 Virtually all industrial processes require a certain degree of control, but there are some in which absolutely nothing can be left to chance. In these situations, our equipment can give you the peace of mind you desire and offer you the highest degree of precision available anywhere in the marketplace.

 For more information about how we can help you and your facility, reach out to us online or speak with one of our representatives today.