One of the most common methods for moving materials through industrial and commercial processes is pneumatic conveying. Through the use of air pressure, these systems move particulates from one place to another for processing. For certain types of material, such as wood shavings or powders, this method is more effective and efficient than mechanical conveyors.

Meyer Industrial is proud to provide many of the components that make pneumatic conveying systems function smoothly and efficiently. We service customers across multiple sectors with the highest-quality airlock feeders and other valves specifically designed for these applications.

How Pneumatic Conveyors Work

In these pneumatic handling systems, bulk materials are conveyed between points through pressurized pipes. A blower or fan is used to create a difference in air pressure, which carries the materials through the conduits. This has several advantages over mechanical conveyors, including the fact that it can bend at angles that belts cannot. They also typically have fewer moving parts, and this lowers the amount of maintenance they require.

Because maintaining an airtight connection is essential for ensuring the most efficient operation of this type of conveyor, rotary airlock valves and other specialized components often play an important role in these applications. These enable granular materials to be introduced into such a system without a loss in air pressure.

How We Serve Our Customers

We provide companies across a broad spectrum of industries with components to optimize their operations. Our pneumatic conveyor products can be found in production facilities and bulk material handling operations ranging from pharmaceuticals to food to mining. Among the many high-quality products featured in our inventory for these applications include:

  • Pneumatic Screw Pump — Because this forms an airtight seal with the conveyed material, it doesn’t require the same tight tolerances as rotary airlocks. This means there is less risk of failure due to abrasive wear and less need for disruptive maintenance. HDX Heavy Duty Extra-Tough Rotary Airlock — Featuring the heaviest-gauge rotor vane stock in the industry, this can stand up to the highest temperatures and pressures. Its outboard-mounted oversized bearings are permanently sealed, better ensuring low maintenance and a longer life span.
  • HDBT Heavy Duty Blow-Thru Rotary Airlock — Ideal for conveying free-flowing materials, these powder conveying systems are uniquely designed to handle non-abrasive powders and products that require assistance clearing the rotor vane pockets.
  • HDSE Heavy Duty Side Entry Rotary Airlock — For applications that involve larger particles that cannot be reduced by shearing action, this product provides exceptional performance. The V-shaped product inlet virtually eliminates product degradation by reducing the shearing to a single point.
  • Kwik-Klean®/Klean-In-Place II® Rotary Airlock Valves — The easily removable headplates and rotors found in these models enable quick maintenance and inspection without taking them out of service.

Trust in Meyer Industrial

As a leading pneumatic conveying system manufacturer, we have the parts and products that can make your conveyance systems more effective and efficient. No matter what type of industry you’re in, we have the solutions you need. For more information about any of our products, reach out to us today.