The nation’s food supply depends upon the ability to move massive amounts of grain. Whether grains are used as raw ingredients or processed into flour or another product, many of the foods we purchase at the supermarket would not exist without them. Having the right bulk material solutions for grain is critical for the manufacturers and processors who serve the industry.

Grain bulk processing equipment such as rotary airlock feeders and pneumatic diverters are needed to move oats, wheat, corn, and other grains from one point in the production process to the next. The irregular shape of these grains means that rotary airlock feeders used in grain processing must be capable of handling them without jamming. The rotary airlock feeders also must be extremely durable, given the abrasive nature of many grains and the high temperatures frequently encountered in grain-processing facilities. Fortunately, Meyer Industrial has the expertise and experience necessary to deliver dependable grain processing equipment to customers in this market.

What We Have to Offer

Our engineering prowess and extensive know-how enable us to create a range of products for the grain processing industry. For example, our rotary airlock feeders are abrasion-resistant and built for feeding and pneumatic conveying applications. They are available in a variety of sizes with round or square flanges for greater flexibility with existing setups. Our Kwik-Klean and Klean-in-Place II lines of sanitary airlock feeders offer easy assembly and reassembly so you can clean them and put them back in operation safely and as quickly as possible.

The dust-proof, air-operated slide gates we build are made of welded steel, so they stand up to the toughest conditions. They are ideal for moving materials between hoppers, silos, and truck or train loading. Our robust gravity diverters are dust-proof for greater cleanliness and easier sanitation. These are available in heavy-duty carbon steel, stainless steel, and abrasion-resistant steel.

Grain pneumatic diverters can operate in any position for maximum flexibility and efficiency. We also carry a full assortment of blower packages suitable for indoor or outdoor operation. Equipped with an OSHA V-belt drive guard, and optional silencers and shipped fully assembled, they get up and running quickly.

Discover a Product That Fits Your Grain Processing Needs

  • Rotary Airlock Feeders: These products minimize air loss and help ensure accurate loading and unloading when transferring between vessels with differing air pressures.
  • Sanitary Airlock Feeders: Our feeder valves create an airtight seal and help regulate the flow of granular materials such as grains.
  • Slide Gates: These function as a gateway between hoppers and airlock feeders below them, controlling gravity batch unloading for grain processing.
  • Gravity Diverters: When you need to direct product flow from a single source to multiple destinations, these serve as the solution for batch grain systems.
  • Blower Packages: Providing the power behind pneumatic conveyor systems, these are some of the most important grain processing machines in your facility.
  • Equipment Service: Our extensive expertise with a wide range of valves and related equipment means we know exactly what it takes to keep your equipment operating at peak performance. We can rebuild or repair your units so you can continue to count on them for your operations.

Expertise for Your Facilities

Our comprehensive solutions for grain processing are sure to include what your plant needs. We provide our customers with the best service and the highest quality. Get in touch with us to learn how we can incorporate them into your facilities. Speak to us directly or request a quote today. Our knowledgeable representatives are ready and willing to guide you through the process.