The U.S. Chemical Safety Board, OSHA, and EPA work together to help ensure that workers in the chemical bulk material processing industry are safe while operating machinery and equipment; and that consumers are protected from contamination or adulteration of products.

Meyer Industrial offers a wide range of products that are ideal for dry chemical bulk processing. Our rotary airlock feeders for chemical bulk material processing equipment are highly reliable to help eliminate downtime. The unique design of our sanitary airlock feeders helps eliminate adulteration while making cleaning and sanitizing faster and easier.

Meyer Industrial flap gate valves, gravity diverters, pneumatic diverters, and blower packages stand up to dust in dry chemical feed systems, preventing contamination of surrounding areas and equipment. Our screw pumps and slide gates help control dry chemical bulk processing while maintaining productivity and helping to ensure chemical machinery manufacturers stay within EPA guidelines.

Meyer Industrial products for bulk chemical processing are carefully engineered to make it easy to upgrade your existing bulk material processing equipment for chemicals to improve productivity, reduce downtime and prevent contamination. Our unique designs help make it easier to access internal components for cleaning or changes and to make assembly and disassembly faster and easier. Our products for chemical manufacturing equipment are waterproof, dustproof, and extremely reliable. Learn more below:

Rotary Airlock Feeders

Used for transferring dry chemicals and other materials between vessels with different pressures and for metering material transfers between vessels with equivalent pressures, our rotary airlock feeders are reliable for the chemical bulk processing industry.

Sanitary Airlock Feeders

Meyer Industrial sanitary airlock feeders exceed National Fire Protection Association explosion rating standards. They are easy to assemble and disassemble for fast cleaning in dry chemical feeder systems.

Flap Gate Valves

Flap gate valves can replace rotary airlocks in applications such as dust collection and precipitators that cause other valves to wear excessively.

Screw Pumps

Meyer Industrial screw pumps are ideal in dry chemical bulk processing because they stand up to fine material dust that causes excessive wear in other valves. Screw pumps help eliminate downtime and reduce processing costs.

Slide Gates and Plug Valves

Meyer Industrial slide gates are dust-tight and regulate intermittent flow for bulk chemical processing. Plug valves give plant operators optimal control for allowing simple material shut-off.

Gravity Diverters

Meyer Industrial gravity diverters are calibrated for optimum performance when directing dry chemical flow from a single source to multiple-destination vessels.

Pneumatic Diverters

Meyer Industrial pneumatic diverters are made from milled steel, stainless, or aluminum to stand up to the rigors of dry chemical bulk processing. They are designed for fast inline cleaning to increase productivity and reduce downtime.

Blower Packages

Equipped with OSHA-approved V-belt drive guards, Meyer Industrial blower packages are quiet, safe, and reliable.