Baking bulk material processing requires the utmost care for sanitation and avoidance of contamination — not only to meet the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) and FDA regulations but to satisfy the expectations of your customers about the quality of your brand. Nonetheless, baking is an exact science, requiring precise ratios of ingredients, so it’s important that baking bulk material processing equipment has valves, feeders, and gates that precisely control speed and volume, while still making frequent cleaning and sanitizing simple and fast.

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Meyer Industrial Baking Bulk Material Processing Equipment

Meyer Industrial products used in baking bulk material processing have been carefully engineered to meet National Fire Protection Association anti-explosion ratings. All our materials and coatings for use on baking bulk material processing equipment have been approved by the FDA for use in food and dry bulk ingredient processing operations. Our valves are water-resistant and offer fast disassembly and re-assembly to minimize downtime for cleaning. Our products include the following:

Rotary Airlock Feeders

Meyer Industrial rotary airlock feeders are renowned for durability, reliability, and quality. They are used as feeder valves to meter the flow of material between vessels with or without pressure differentials or to minimize air loss while regulating the flow of material.

Sanitary Airlock Feeder

Designed for use with baking bulk material processing equipment that requires frequent cleaning, sanitizing, or inspection. The 2-RAIL construction allows easy access for cleaning.

Slide Gates

Meyer Industrial slide gates offer automatic interim flow control for baking bulk material processing. They work equally well with powders, granules, or free-flowing solids. They are economical to own and easy to operate. Slide gates can be coated with food-grade materials to improve flow or to resist abrasion.

Gravity Diverters

Meyer Industrial gravity diverters are ideal for batch processing. They handle pellets, granules, dry powders, or any free-flowing materials. They are dust-proof and minimize leakage between the system legs of the baking bulk material processing equipment.

Pneumatic Diverters

Pneumatic diverters are designed for fast inline cleaning to reduce costs and downtime while keeping your operation in line with FSMA and FDA requirements. They can be coated to resist abrasion and corrosion from ingredients.

Blower Packages

Meyer Industrial blower packages can be used indoors or outdoors in baking bulk material processing. They meet all regulatory requirements and can be shipped completely assembled.

Equipment Repairs

Meyer Industrial understands how important it is to keep your baking bulk material processing equipment operational. We offer cost-effective, speedy repairs to minimize downtime and help you optimize throughput.