The need for improved sanitation and hygienic cleaning in the manufacturing process of food is growing every year. The FDA and USDA enforce this demand with the strongest focus on food manufacturing equipment and food processing. This is why it is critical to utilize FDA- and USDA-approved bulk processing equipment throughout your operations. Not only does this industrial food machinery ensure the most efficient movement of ingredients through your processes, but it also minimizes downtime and disruptions caused by frequent maintenance. Meyer Industrial is proud to serve this market with a full selection of USDA- and FDA-approved bulk processing equipment.

The Tools You Need for Food Production

Meyer offers a wide range of products ideal for the food processing industry. Our top-rated Sanitary Airlock Feeders incorporate multiple modernizations for the food industry. They are specially designed for applications where frequent cleaning, sanitizing, or inspection of the bulk handling system is required and minimum downtime is critical. Each Sanitary Airlock Feeder can be manufactured to meet NFPA explosion ratings while being FDA and USDA approved for operations. Additionally, increased accessibility of critical internal components, simplistic cleaning of valve internals eliminating contamination, water-resistant exterior for high-pressure washing, and quick disassembly/re-assembly for minimal downtime are just a few features of our Sanitary Airlock Feeders.

In addition, we offer a food slide gate that requires no caulking because it is completely dust-free when installed. Our gravity diverter food processing valves are designed to handle product flow to multiple destinations whether it consists of pellets, granules, or powders. You can be certain that when it comes to the high standards of the USDA and FDA, our food processing equipment will meet the mark.

Choose Meyer

Our expertise in creating durable, efficient food processing equipment means there’s no better source for these critical components than Meyer Industrial. If you’re ready to learn more about what makes us leading food processing equipment manufacturers and what we can do for your facility, get in touch with us today or reach out to request a quote.

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