Burgess Pigments and Meyer have been partners for over 50 years.

red hdx rotary valve

In 1967 Burgess Pigments was upgrading their air conveying pneumatic system handling Kaolin. Kaolin is mined and

is a naturally occurring mineral known as Kaolinite. Kaolin, a white powder, is manufactured by heating in a calciner to 650 deg C. It is used in many industries making paint more consistent, inks more vibrant, cement and concrete stronger and inks more vibrant.

For over 50 years the Meyer 12×12 HD(Heavy Duty) valve provided service to Burgess Pigments conveying over 5 million of pounds of Kaolin. The original unit in 1967 had brass seal strips on a 8 vane steel rotor. Also included was air purge shaft seals to enhance packing life and a hard chrome wear resistant coating.

Obviously the Meyer sales engineers hit the application on the mark, it was so long ago that Lyndon Johnson was president. Today’s HDX(Heavy Duty) valves look slightly different but the same quality today goes into every valve. Wonder who will be president in the year 2067 when Burgess Pigments needs another valve?

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