Meyer Stainless HDX Used In Calcium Chloride Application

The 2016 January issue of Processing Magazine had a great cover story, Classifying Cutters Reduce Calcium Chloride For Oil Field Use, discussing the growing demand in North America for calcium chloride.  The featured image in the article shows two, Meyer Stainless HDX Rotary Airlock Valves above the cutters and below the gravity diverter.  It states in the article “if material backs up, it will strain the cutter bearings, causing them to overheat and possibly fail.  To ensure an even flow, a mechanical flow control valve [Meyer HDX] was installed with a variable frequency drive.”

By designing each valve that leaves our facility to work for your particular application, Meyer has remained a reputable and trusted rotary airlock manufacturer for over 70 years.  With seven decades under our belt, we are able to handle some of the most abrasive applications in North America. Our Sales and Engineering staff have 150 years of combined experience. This is just one of the many reasons industrial companies turn to us for the best solution to their application.

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