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Iowa’s largest energy company, located in Council Bluffs, provides service to 746,000 electric customers in a 10,600-square mile area in Iowa, Illinois, South Dakota and Nebraska. When issues arise from downed plants, their customers feel the full extent. It’s critical for this energy company to ensure their daily operations never experience downtime.

When the energy company purchased double flapgate valves, they were not expecting an established company to fall short of expectations. Issues developed with the cylinders, seats and gates not meeting standards to prevent leakage from occurring. Frustrated with the cylinders lasting only two months and both the seats and gates needing replacement every 12 months, the energy company reached out to Wm. W. Meyer & Sons, Inc. to provide the right solution.

After taking part in Meyer’s free consultation to determine the correct valve needed for the application, it was no surprise the energy company moved forward with replacing the double
flapgate valves with Meyer’s HDX rotary airlock valves. During the consultation, Meyer provided insight to the energy company on why Meyer’s and their competitor’s double flapgate valves
were not appropriate for specific application at hand. This also helped the energy company understand why it was not just the double flapgate valves causing the issue, but also the

Meyer’s HDX rotary airlock valves are conquering application with the additions of Hard Chrome Housing and AR Steel Seal Strips to combat abrasive material wear; on top of all the standard features that come with the HDX. Meyer ensures longevity and performance of each HDX valve to surpass the application requirements along with preventing future downtown.

Since the energy company replaced all the poor performing double flapgate valves with Meyer HDX rotary airlock valves, the issues have ceased and their customers have been reaping all the benefits.
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