Bulk Material Handling Solutions For The Waste-To-Energy Industry

The waste-to-energy industry performs a vital service — transforming unwanted refuse that would otherwise be wasted away in landfills into the energy millions of people rely on for modern conveniences. In addition, the industry must be mindful of all the rules and requirements set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and other regulatory bodies. This means it’s all the more important for the waste-to-energy industry to have bulk material processing and handling equipment that can deliver the strongest performance at all times. That’s why companies in the waste-to-energy industry have put their trust in Meyer Industrial to provide them with bulk material processing and handling equipment to handle all of their needs. Our combination of experience and expertise makes us one of the leading waste-to-energy processing equipment manufacturers in the marketplace today.

No other waste-to-energy processing equipment supplier can boast the track record of success Meyer Industrial has because no other supplier can match the depth and breadth of the solutions we offer. We provide our customers in the waste-to-energy market with complete solutions for virtually any type of bulk material handling and processing needs they may have.

Our complete equipment solutions for the waste-to-energy industry include:

Rotary airlock feeders
Flap gate valves
Screw pumps
Slide gates
Gravity diverters
Blower packages
• Plug valves

Repair Services

In addition to our extensive equipment solutions, Meyer Industrial provides the waste-to-energy industry with expert repair services for bulk material handling and processing equipment. Our highly skilled technicians do everything they can to keep our customers’ equipment in service for as long as possible and at peak efficiency. It’s this combination of service and expertise that makes Meyer Industrial a one-stop shop for the waste-to-energy industry’s bulk material handling and processing needs.

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