Pet owners care about what their pets eat, and that’s why pet food manufacturers need to be sure their equipment meets all FDA and other required industry standards. As one of the premier manufacturers of system components for bulk material processing equipment, no one offers a more complete pet food bulk processing equipment solution for manufacturers than Meyer Industrial.

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Meyer Industrial is the only company that offers every system component for air processing and bulk material handling systems under one roof. This includes everything pet food machinery manufacturers need, such as:


Meyer Industrial’s solutions for pet food processing equipment offer superior performance thanks in large part to our long history of experience dating back to the 1920s. We offer the broadest selection of system components for bulk material handling systems, including those for pet food making machines. Our solutions for pet food bulk processing equipment are designed and manufactured to be as durable and reliable as possible. The durability of our components means manufacturers don’t have to worry about downtime as the result of extensive maintenance requirements or breakdowns.

In addition, the elements we create for pet food processing equipment provide superior performance when compared to others. This ensures that pet food machines continue to operate as efficiently and effectively as possible. These components work well with all types of granular materials no matter their size, preventing clogs and contamination that can lead to serious issues with your processes. Our engineers bring a significant amount of application expertise to everything we do, giving us the ability to create the ideal pet food bulk processing equipment solutions to meet our customers’ unique needs. When you choose to work with us, you will be leveraging more than 75 years of experience and industry-leading expertise.

In addition to manufacturing these and other components vital to pet food machines, our extensive expertise means Meyer Industrial can provide repair support to pet food manufacturing equipment. Discover how Meyer Industrial can help with your bulk pet food processing needs.