Subject to FDA and other regulatory oversight, the dairy industry needs the utmost in sanitary and easy-to-clean valves and feeders for dairy bulk material processing equipment. Dairy producers can’t afford downtime, so reliability and durability, as well as sanitary considerations, must be top of mind when selecting equipment for dairy bulk material processing. That’s why so many owners of dairy processing equipment rely on Meyer Industrial for all their valves, feeders, and blowers.

We design all our bulk material processing equipment for the dairy industry to provide the highest levels of performance, efficiency, and convenience. Our equipment is designed to exceed standards to help customers keep up with changing regulations and stay ahead of advancements in technology. For example, our sanitary airlock feeders are designed to be disassembled and assembled quickly to allow for faster inspections and clean-in-place capabilities. Our pneumatic screw pumps feature an integral gate that prevents blowback when priming or running it empty. We stand apart from other dairy plant machinery manufacturers because we never stop looking for ways to improve our offerings.

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Look below for Meyer Industrial products for your dairy processing machinery needs:

Rotary Airlock Feeders

Our rotary airlock feeders come in round or square configurations to fit any equipment. They can be coated for easy cleaning and corrosion or abrasion resistance.

Sanitary Airlock Feeders

Our dairy sanitary airlock feeders offer quick clean-in-place construction and easy disassembly and re-assembly to keep your equipment running reliably while minimizing downtime.

Slide Gates

Dust-tight slide gates come in round or square configurations and can be coated for easy cleaning. They operate with a single switch for the precise operation of your dairy bulk material processing equipment.

Gravity Diverters

Gravity diverters reliably direct flow from a sole source to multiple destinations to streamline your dairy bulk material processing operations. Controls are factory-mounted for efficiency.

Blower Packages

Blower packages are ideal for use with dairy bulk material processing equipment because of their precision builds and easy cleanability.


With our expertise in the safe and reliable operation of dairy bulk material processing equipment, Meyer Industrial is an ideal partner when your equipment needs service. Our highly skilled team can repair or service multiple brands as well as our own, and we ensure your equipment conforms to industry regulations for sanitary operation.