Biomass represents one of the most promising avenues for renewable energy available today. By converting organic leftovers such as wood scraps, yard trimmings, and food waste into fuel, it may be possible to reduce the consumption of nonrenewable resources and fossil fuels. However, the conversion process requires a great deal of processing capacity. This requires the application of sophisticated and reliable bulk material handling equipment. Not only does the industry have to live up to the high standards it sets for itself, but it also has to adhere to strict environmental and public safety regulations. That’s why numerous companies in this sector turn to Meyer Industrial. Our biomass bulk processing equipment not only satisfies these requirements but also exceeds expectations for quality, dependability, and efficiency. This means we can be an indispensable partner for any enterprise serving this industry.

What We Can Do for You

No one else serving the biomass sector has as much to offer as we do. This includes our comprehensive selection of components for moving and processing bulk ingredients used in the production of biomass fuel. Our durable, high-quality biomass processing equipment includes:

  • Rotary airlock feeders — Biomass rotary airlock feeders help ensure that the proper amount of material is being moved between vessels. The use of a rotary valve for biomass prevents clogs that can halt production.
  • Flap gate valves — Our flap gate valve for biomass is designed for high performance even in the most stressful conditions. These valves enable the movement of granular products, including those that are unusually large.
  • Screw pumps — Utilizing our screw pumps for biomass production increases conveyance rates for dry pulverized material.
  • Slide gates — When used to meter gravity batch unloading, our slide gates for biomass provide exceptional control and protection.
  • Gravity diverters — Our gravity diverters for biomass direct product flow from a single source to multiple destinations on your line.
  • Blower packages — These components serve many purposes, including pneumatic conveying of many types of ingredients.
  • Plug valves — When incorporated into your system, these valves allow for simple material shut-off.

Your Complete Resource

Not only do we feature a comprehensive lineup of biomass equipment designed to improve the flow of materials through your system, but we also provide customers with full repair and maintenance services for this type of equipment. Our experienced and qualified technicians have the skill and knowledge to care for virtually all varieties of this biomass machinery. This helps ensure that your systems will remain online and functional for as long as possible for maximum productivity. The combination of expertise and inventory we provide makes us unique among our competitors.

To learn more about what we can do for your operation, take a look at our product line or reach out to us today. We’re ready to help you make the most of your facilities.