Sanitary rotary valves

Sanitary rotary valves are primarily used in pneumatic conveyance systems to regulate the flow of granular materials. Their ability to provide an airtight seal and ease of cleaning make these sanitary airlock feeder products indispensable for the food and beverage and pharmaceutical manufacturing markets.


MEYER-MADE® Sanitary Airlock Feeders are manufactured to exceed NFPA explosion ratings while being FDA- and USDA-approved for operations. They are engineered with multiple innovations that exceed sanitation and hygienic cleaning needs in the manufacturing process of food and pharmaceuticals. For example, the Kwik-Klean® is designed for quick and easy disassembly and reassembly. This allows for faster inspections and cleaning because these operations do not require tools or removing the unit from service. The Klean-In-Place II also incorporates a perfectly balanced two-rail construction that enables the operator to access the interior easily for cleanup or maintenance.

No matter which unit you select, you can count on exceptional performance as well as the strongest protection against contamination. Our products are renowned throughout the marketplace for their durability, reliability and simplicity. 

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As a leading manufacturer of FDA-approved airlock feeders, we have the engineering expertise to deliver valves that perform at the highest levels. Our lineup of USDA-approved airlock feeders is built with the same high standards as the rest of the dry bulk material handling equipment we make. We have been a family owned and operated business for more than 80 years, and we leverage our history of innovation and dedication to craftsmanship to remain at the top of the industry. In everything we do, our mission is to exceed our customers’ expectations with value-added solutions that go above and beyond.

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