The need for improved sanitation and hygienic cleaning in the manufacturing process of pharmaceuticals is growing every year. The FDA and USDA enforce this demand with the strongest focus on pharmaceutical equipment and pharmaceutical processing. We recognized the need for an American manufacturer to produce 21st-century Sanitary Airlock Feeders for dry/bulk pharmaceutical processing.

Meyer’s unique Sanitary Airlock Feeders incorporate multiple modernizations for the pharmaceutical industry. Each can be manufactured to exceed NFPA explosion ratings while still maintaining FDA and USDA standards. The Kwik-Klean and Klean-In-Place II feature easy cleaning accessibility of critical internal components eliminating contamination. Water-resistant exteriors allow high-pressure washing, quick disassembly/re-assembly assures minimal downtime. Additionally, our line of Sanitary Airlock Feeders is offered at aggressive and competitive pricing.

Sanitary Airlock Feeders