70th Anniversary


What can we say that 70 years of being in business does not already? For us to sum up 70 years, 3,657 weeks, 25,603 days, and 614,472 hours will probably take longer than you really want to read…so we’ll keep it short. First, we want to pause to appreciate the hard work and dedication of hundreds of past and current employees as their individual efforts have and will always shape the course of Wm. W. Meyer & Sons. We owe our legacy to those who’ve worked long hours, given more to the company than asked, and poured their hearts into building what Wm. W Meyer & Sons is today. Without them we would not be technology leaders for four generations, creating proprietary product concepts and continuing to exceed the needs of the industries we serve. Thank you for getting us to our 70th Anniversary!

The Early Years

During the 1920s, William W. Meyer, Sr. worked for Roots Blower in Connersville, Indiana. He was a hard-working employee, but he dreamed of owning his own business. So in 1933, armed with his experience servicing blowers and pumps, William W. Meyer, Sr. set out on his own. His new venture, General Blower Company, began manufacturing centrifugal fans for industrial ventilation, pneumatic conveying, dust collection, and gas boosting in Chicago, Illinois. Despite the Depression and World War II, William W. Meyer’s business continued to succeed. Developing new product lines that included insulation blowing machines and vacuum collection systems, General Blower had become an equipment manufacturer in its own right.

In the early years of the General Blower Company, William W. Meyer, Sr. built a foundation for how to treat customers and provide solutions that ultimately increased growth in other companies, which has carried on to today. The culture of family values and business practices that focused heavily on customer satisfaction was a new concept in the 30’s. Like most companies that offer change, at that time, were told failure was the only path. William W. Meyer Sr. strived to prove the critics wrong and with a handful of employees, General Blower Company maintained the course and stood firmly offering a different way to do business.

Building From Success

With the success of General Blower Company, William W. Meyer, Jr. opened a subsidiary, Wm. W. Meyer & Sons, Inc., in 1946. Meyer began offering equipment services from a small shop in Skokie, Illinois. In addition to service, Meyer purchased used air-moving equipment, rebuilt it, and then sold it for substantially less than the cost of new equipment. Also, to give customers the option of purchasing new equipment, Meyer became an agent and distributor for other manufacturers including Sutorbilt Blower (known today as Gardner Denver).

In 1959, General Blower Company was sold, and Wm. W. Meyer & Sons, Inc. continued to manufacture dry bulk material processing equipment, dust collectors, rotary airlock feeders, insulation blowing machines, and vacuum collection systems.

Since 1933, we have learned from our journey that brought us to where we are today. Located in our 80,000 sq. ft. Libertyville, IL facility, we are still going strong leading the market in innovation and manufacturing for dry bulk material processing equipment, dust collectors, rotary airlock feeders, insulation blowing machines, and vacuum collection systems.

Four Generations & Family Culture

Four generations of family ownership speaks volumes for the type of operation we run. Our family value culture and customer-attentive business model focus on our customer’s satisfaction…your satisfaction. To us you are a company, an individual, which we work with on a regular basis. We take our time to discuss your needs, understand your application, respond to any issues you may have on a personal level…we strive to make you (company and individual) extremely happy. Customer satisfaction has been our goal for seven decades.

Our incredible team members work hard everyday to ensure nothing short of excellence. Experience and knowledge are two key ingredients to customer satisfaction, and we stock a lot of experience and knowledge. Over the past 70 years, we’ve learned that each employee, in every job, is crucial to ensuring our success and your satisfaction.

We invite you to share your experiences over the years with us. Your thoughts and perspective truly mean a lot to us, and to serve you better we want to hear from you. Click here to have your voice heard and receive a wonderful thank you gift!